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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Primary Phone Numbers

DNRC Headquarters: 406-444-2074

Conservation and Resource Development: 406-444-6667

Forestry:  406-542-4300

Trust Lands Management: 406-444-5499

Water Resources:  406-444-6999

Board of Oil and Gas Conservation:  406-656-0040



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Do You Have a Question About

Water Rights: Call 406-444-6610 or access Local Office by County or Water Rights Query System

Well Logs: Call 406-496-4336 or access information on-line

State Grazing Leases: Call 406-444-4951 or contact your Local Office by County

Cabin Site Leases: Call 406-444-0518

Burn Permits: Call 406-447-8351 or on-line

310 Permit/Work Done Near Waterways: Call 406-444-6668 or on-line

The Land Board: Call 406-444-5499 or view the Agenda

Hunting or Fishing on State Lands: Call 406-444-5760 or for Hunting Regulations call 406-444-2535 or on-line

Noxious Weeds:406-444-2991

Right of Way: Call 406-444-7431 or your Local Office by County

Dial 711 to place a TTY call using Montana Relay - For directions click the appropriate link: 
Make a Call | Receive a Call

Montana Telecommunications Access Program (800) 833-8503 (V, TTY)

Don't see what you're looking for? Call 406-444-2074