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DNRC Headquarters
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Financial Bureau

The Financial Development Bureau issues low-interest loans to local government borrowers and manages the financial administration of Montana's wastewater and drinking water State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF) loan programs, and includes the Regional Water program. The bureau also prepares and manages the cash flow of the division's other grant and loan programs. 

Bureau Functions

Administers low-interest loans made to public entities. Provides financial oversight for the following programs, completes disbursements for the grant programs, issues bonds to provide funding for grants and loans.

  • Wastewater SRF Loan Program 
  • Drinking Water SRF Loan Program
  • Reclamation and Development Grants Program (RDG)
  • Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program (RRGL)
  • Conservation District Grants
  • Monitors financial statements of public borrowers
  • Does financial document processing for the division's grants and loans
  • Develops and monitors the operating budget of the division
  • Issues general obligation bonds
  • Issues coal severance tax bonds
  • Administers DNRC's Regional Water System program

Wastewater and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan Programs

Montana communities and water and sewer districts use SRF loans to repair or build wastewater and drinking water systems. Growing communities need low-interest loans to make additions and improvements to their water and wastewater infrastructures to accommodate new housing and businesses, especially in oil and gas drilling areas.

  • Federal grant money combined with state match funds create the low-interest loan programs
  • Repaid or “Recycled” funds go back into the programs to fund loans
  • The state match share of funds for wastewater and drinking water comes from the sale of state general obligation bonds
  • DNRC and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality co-administer the SRF programs. DEQ provides support and guidence to the technical side of the projects and DNRC provides the financial support.
  • Wastewater SRF legislation was passed in 1989. The program provides loans and loan forgiveness for community wastewater treatment projects
  • Drinking water SRF legislation was passed in 1995. The program provides loans and loan forgiveness to finance and repair drinking water systems and funds for training and technical assistance.

Financial Document Processing for Bureau

Disbursements made on grants and loans are checked for accuracy, account coding, and entered into the financial data systems. Required documents for the SRF programs through the loan closings and draws on the loans and forgiveness and completion certificates are done once a project is finished and all funds drawn.

Bonds Issued

Bond sales are planned to meet the construction schedules of borrowers. On average, $5 to $10 million in bonds is issued each year. In Fiscal Year (FY) 2015, more than $28 million in bonds and notes was issued. Loan disbursements were over $37 million in FY 2015.


Montana Regional Water Systems

Montana developed a regional water trust fund using coal severance tax funds for the regional drinking water supply systems. DNRC coordinates developement of the four Montana Regional Water Systems, several which receive federal funding:

  • Maintains contacts with the local system authorities.
  • Administers State grants to the regional water authorities.
  • Ensures participation by State agencies involved in review and/or implementation.
  • Provides liaison work to Tribal governments and Federal governmental agencies.
  • Provides a contact for those with questions about regional water.


Fort Peck Dry Prairie Rural Water System

The Fort Peck-Dry Prairie Regional Water System is in the northeastern-most portion of the state. The Fort Peck Reservation segments will be paid for totally by the Federal government, while the off-Reservation portions in Roosevelt, Sheridan, Daniels and eastern Valley Counties will receive a 76% Federal grant.

Rocky Boy's North Central Montana Regional Water System

The Rocky Boy's - North Central Montana Rural Water System was authorized by Congress in November 2002. The system will serve an estimated population of 28,000, both on the Rocky Boy's Reservation and in numerous non-Reservation systems located in six north central Montana counties.

Musselshell-Judith Regional Water System

In portions of Judith Basin, Fergus, Wheatland, Golden Valley, Musselshell and Yellowstone Counties another regional system is currently in planning stages. The Central Montana Regional Water Authority, established in 2005, is moving on towards its goal of receiving Federal authorization of this regional water supply project.

Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority

A fourth project, still in the planning phase, will bring regional water to portions of Garfield, McCone, Richland, Dawson and Prairie Counties. A steering committee was formed in September of 2003, and the Dry-Redwater Regional Water Authority was established in mid-2005.

FY 2015 Portfolios

Coal Severance Tax Loans



Wastewater SRF Loans



Drinking Water SRF Loans


Total $824,086,118


Revolving Fund Loan Program January 2021 Update (pdf)


Wastewater Revolving Fund Loans  - Completed (pdf)

Drinking Water Revolving Fund Loans - Completed (pdf)


St. Mary's 2020 Drop Structure Failure Report (pdf)

2021 Water and Wastewater Rate Study (pdf)



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