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Rangeland Resources Program

2022 Flynn Ranch

The work of the Rangeland Resources Program (RRP) helps assure sustainable rangelands that support people, wildlife, recreation, clean water and the natural scenic beauty of Montana.

The RRP provides opportunities to bring together people who care to learn from one another and collaborate on common goals. The program serves as a credible source of information; unbiased, trusted, honest and non-political as well as welcoming anyone who cares about rangeland. The program focuses on building relationships among diverse groups and sharing perspectives and ideas that foster healthy, sustainable rangelands.

Check out the 2022-2023 Montana Rangeland Resources Program Strategic Plan!


Sieben Live Stock Company

Sieben Live Stock Company is a family owned and operated ranch in north central Montana which raises cattle and sheep. The Hibbard family believes proper grazing techniques can improve overall land health. Their practices include high density grazing with cattle herds, allowing adequate time to rest-- which has ultimately led to some remarkable changes on the range lands. Thanks to the entire Hibbard family for sharing your stewardship story

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Working Lands Internship Program

Students majoring in any natural resource related field are recommended to apply for this opportunity. 

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Rangeland Improvement

Loan Program

This program makes low-interest loans available to Montana farmers and ranchers for rangeland improvements and development.

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I Heart RangeEvents | Meetings

The Rangeland Resources Program coordinates many events throughout the year to promote the importance of Montana's rangeland with respect to livestock, forage, wildlife habitat, high-quality water production, pollution control, erosion control, recreation, and the natural beauty.  

2021-2022 Annual Report

Rangeland Resources Program Report

This new bi-annual report highlights mission and vision, programs and events, Leopold Conservation Award winners and more.

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Summer Camps

If you're looking for a great way to spend some time during the summer learning about and experiencing the outdoors, check out these camps and events.

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Links to more rangeland and grassland information and websites.

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These videos are a collaborative effort between DNRC and NRCS with the purpose of bringing light to the importance of the people living and working on the rangeland in Montana -- stewards protecting the ecosystem while providing goods and services to support the economy. Produced by SOVRN.

King Ranch - Winnett

Chris King’s ancestors came to the Lewistown area in the 1880s and thrived. But the 1930s brought hard times; his grandfather moved to Winnett and “started over” during the depth of the Great Depression. The King Ranch today spans a checkerboard of private, state, and BLM lands, all managed with the same focus on conservation and sustainability. Chris and his wife, Gari, work with NGOs, state and federal agencies, and other partners to ensure that soil, water, and other resources are protected for present and future generations.

The Gran Prairie Ranch - Winnett

Nick and Marti Schultz’s Gran Prairie Ranch has been in the family for 110 years; today their three young boys are learning the ropes, gaining a sense of responsibility and purpose, as well as the notion that work can be enjoyable and rewarding. The ranch is part of a State Grazing District, a form of cooperation and partnership where neighbors share grazing opportunities. Montana is the last state in the West to have statutorily-authorized Grazing Districts. Nick and Marti also utilize many agency resources that help them sustain their land and the watershed.

Madison Valley - Ennis 

Rangelands are home to some of Montana’s best hunting and fishing resources. A case in point is ranch near Ennis. The Madison River—a renowned blue-ribbon trout stream—runs through the heart of the ranch. Here, cattle and trout coexist. Ranch manager Bart Story says the ranch’s “high desert” climate creates challenges in growing hay, grain, and livestock, but presents opportunities too. One of those opportunities is the use of cattle grazing to improve the quality of the riparian areas while conserving and protecting water resources, both major goals of the ranch. 

Marks Family Ranch - Clancy

The 6,800-acre Marks Ranch in Clancy, Montana, has been owned by the Marks family since the 1890s. Thirty-eight year old Cody Marks handles the current day-to-day operations of the ranch and enjoys the lifestyle that ranching offers him and his family. Despite the challenges of mountainous, rocky terrain and wintering elk herds, ranching is a very rewarding profession for Cody. “Every day has given me a love for the life,” he says.“To be able to raise your kids up alongside you, to work with you, is invaluable."



State Coordinator



Named in honor of Aldo Leopold, Sand County Foundation’s Leopold Conservation Award makes an impact by publicly recognizing extraordinary achievement in voluntary conservation. It inspires other landowners representing millions of acres, and influences the general public’s understanding of the importance of private working land in conservation.

The award is presented by the Sand County Foundation in partnership with Governor Greg Gianforte's Office and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation’s Rangeland Resources Committee.

Annual finalists receive $10,000 cash and a commemorative crystal award.


Barney Creek Livestock

2022 Award Watch Video

Barney Creek Livestock | Livingston, MT 


 Hidden Hollow Guest Ranch Pic

2021 Award | Watch Video

Hidden Hollow Hideaway Cattle and Guest Ranch | Townsend, MT 


2020 Award Watch Video

C Lazy J Livestock | Malta, MT 


2019 LCA Milton Ranch

2019 Award Watch Video

Milton Ranch | Roundup, MT