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Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program

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The Montana Legislature established the Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program (RRGL) to fund the conservation, management, development and preservation of Montana's renewable resources. The RRGL program provides both grant and loan funding for public facility and other renewable resource projects.

Renewable Resource Grant Program Project Grants

Projects that conserve, manage, develop or preserve Montana's renewable resources are eligible for funding. Numerous public facility projects including drinking water, wastewater and solid waste development and improvement projects have received funding through this program. Other renewable resource projects that have been funded include irrigation rehabilitation, dam repair, soil and water conservation and forest enhancement.

Eligible applicants include:

  • political subdivisions of state,
  • local and tribal government including state agencies and universities,
  • counties,
  • incorporated cities and towns,
  • conservation districts,
  • irrigation districts,
  • water/sewer/solid waste districts, and
  • Tribes


Eligible funding types are specified in 85-1-602, Montana Code Annotated (MCA).
            [1] Either grants or loans may be provided to fund the following types of projects:
                 (a) feasibility, design, research, and resource assessment studies;
                 (b) preparation of construction, rehabilitation, or production plans; and
                 (c) construction, rehabilitation, production, education, or other implementation effort 

Grants are limited to $125,000 per project; loans are limited by the applicant's debt capacity. Applications are due on or before May 15th of even-numbered years.

2021 Biennium Applications

2020 RRG Application Map

 2021 Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program Governors Budget Book (PDF)


Renewable Resource Planning Grants

The purpose of the RRGL Planning Grant Program is to provide funding to governmental entities for professional and technical services necessary to produce a high-quality RRGL grant application leading to a project that conserves, manages, develops, or protects Montana’s renewable resources.  In-kind services are not eligible for grant funding.

Examples of Eligible Projects:

  • New Preliminary Engineering Reports meeting the requirements of the Uniform Application for Montana Public Facility Projects
  • New Technical Narratives meeting the Step 4. Requirements of the RRGL Application Instructions and Forms for Governmental Entities
  • Updates to existing PER’s and Technical Narratives
  • Capital Improvement and Growth Plans


Renewable Resource Loan Program

The purpose of the Renewable Resource Public Loan Program is to provide a source of loan funding to governmental entities, including Irrigation Districts, for projects that provide for or improve the conservation, management, development, or protection of Montana’s renewable resources.  The program also provides a source of loan funding for public infrastructure projects that are not eligible for funding through the State Revolving Fund or other loan programs but do provide renewable resource benefits.

Examples of Eligible Projects Include:

  • Publicly-owned dam and irrigation infrastructure projects
  • Public water and wastewater infrastructure projects


Contact for more information on these programs 444-9766.


Application Information

RRGL Program Brochure (pdf)


Application Gallery and Project Information

Uniform Applications

RRGL Project Grants


RRGL Applications Submitted June 1, 2020 (pdf)

2022 RRGL Budget Book (posted 11/15/22)

2022 RRGL Application Ranked List (posted 11/15/2022)

 Application Forms

2022 RRGL Grant Application (pdf)

2022 RRGL Grant Application (word)

2022 RRGL Grant Application Supplement (pdf)

2022 RRGL Grant Application Supplement (word)

2021 Uniform Application- fillable (pdf)

Environmental Checklist (pdf)


 Need some tips for putting together your grant applications? See our Grant Writing tips.

  •   See previous applications below to start planning for your 2022 application.
  •   Some changes to the next application are expected.

Grant  Management Information

RRGL Program FAQ's

Vendor Invoice Guidance


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Grant Manager


, Program Engineer


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