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Renewable Resource Project Planning Grants

This program provides financial assistance to governmental entities preparing quality RRGL grant applications for projects that that will conserve, manage, develop, or protect Montana’s renewable resources.  Grants for the preparation of Capital Improvement Plans or other management tools are also eligible for funding.

This grant can be used only to pay for DNRC approved contracted services necessary to develop a renewable resource project.

Preliminary Engineering Reports (PER) and/or Technical Narratives


Limits:  $15,000 for new Uniform Application PER’s;  $15,000 for new RRGL Application Step 4. Technical Narratives;  $8,000 for existing PER and Technical Narrative updates.

Limit: $8,000

Purpose:  The purpose of these grants are to offset the cost to a governmental entity to hire a professional/technical consultant to produce or update a Preliminary Engineering Report meeting the requirements of the Uniform Application for Montana Public Facility Projects or a Technical Narrative meeting the Step 4. Requirements of the RRGL Program Application instructions and Forms for Governmental Entities.

Purpose:  The purpose of these grants are to offset the cost to a governmental entity to hire a professional/technical services to produce a Capital Improvements Plan, Growth Plan, sample conditions, surveys, studies, or other management tool to lead to an RRGL application OR are necessary to systematically identify and prioritize long-term projects that provide environmental and renewable resource benefits.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include any division of state government, tribal government, or other county, city, or local political subdivision. These governmental entities have included cities, towns, counties, conservation districts, irrigation districts, joint boards of control, and state agencies.


DNRC has two new requirements for all applications submitted through the RRGL program:

  1. Environmental Checklist (if applicable)
  2. ARPA Certification Form


Match Requirements

No match required.

To apply, please use

Application Information

Submit applications through the online grant management system:


Application Training Resources

Online Grant System Training Help Articles

Online Getting Started Video

  • All applications MUST be received though the online grant management system.
  • Paper applications will not be accepted.

Application Cycles

Next Funding Cycle January 02, 2022 - February 18, 2022


February 2022 Submitted Application List (pdf)

  • 2022 Phase 1 Award (pdf)
  • 2022 Phase 2 Award - TBD quarterly based on available funding.


August 20, 2021 Submitted Application List (pdf)

  • 2021 Phase 1 Awards (pdf)
  • 2021 Phase 2 Awards (pdf)


Previous Grant Awards:

  • 2/21/2020-4/3/2020 - Ranked Application List (pdf) - Awards Spring 2021


Planning Grant Reference Materials

Planning Grant Application Guidance (pdf)

Planning Grant Application (word) (pdf) 

Planning Grant Ranking Guidelines (pdf)