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Fire and Incident Management Training

The Montana DNRC is required by statute to provide training to state firefighters and other cooperators who require training as part of its wildfire management responsibilities. DNRC has developed a comprehensive training program that supports all fire management activities including activities such as fire prevention, detection, and prescribed burns in addition to fire suppression.

The agency designs, develops and delivers training courses to its own permanent and seasonal firefighting personnel and to County Cooperative Fire Program personnel, at no cost, in every county in the state.

In addition to providing training, DNRC also maintains records of firefighters' training, experience, qualifications, and certifications, to help ensure that appropriately trained personnel are available to meet Montana's wildfire management staffing needs.

All DNRC Fire Management Training is predicated on these five objectives:

  1. Development of safe, effective and efficient employees, trained to high levels of proficiency, to conduct wildland fire management operations. 
  2. We will focus on safety, fire, and training fundamentals, and constantly adhere to these principles in any wildland fire management activity.
  3. Qualifications and certifications will adhere to NWCG standards as a minimum and may exceed those standards to meet agency operational objectives.  
  4. DNRC will meet the training needs analysis and recordkeeping requirements stipulated by law and agency policy.
  5. DNRC training standards and guidelines must be open to appropriate change to meet changing operations.  It must be recognized that fire management is not static science or art.  The changing dynamics of the discipline require training changes that keep pace with and support operations.