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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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We employ safe, aggressive suppression actions to protect lives, property and natural resources. DNRC strives for and maintains a goal of 95% of all direct protection fires controlled at less than 10 acres. For the past ten years, 96% of DNRC's fires were suppressed at 10 acres or less.

Through the Fire Suppression Program, DNRC directly protects 5,158,942 acres of state, private, and federal lands; assists all 56 cooperating counties when fires exceed their capabilities on 45,309,480 acres of state and private lands and subcontracts fire protection on 1,744,456 acres of state and private lands to the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Salish and Kootenai Tribes within the Flathead Reservation. DNRC also provides support and assistance to federal fire agencies, project fires and other states when appropriate.

The Fire Protection Program staffs 65 engines (and water tenders) and 5 helicopters to provide direct protection of 5.2 million acres. Our DNRC firefighting force has engines and air resources in a state of elevated readiness from June 15 to September 15. They are located in the following Land Office areas.

  • Central Land Office has suppression units at Helena and Dillon.

  • Northwestern Land Office has suppression units at Kalispell, Libby, Plains, Stillwater, Swan, and an initial attack station at Boorman.

  • Southwestern Land Office has suppression units at Anaconda, Clearwater, Missoula, Lincoln, and an initial attack station at Garrison.


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Fire Protection Contacts

Fire FAX:406-542-4242

Bureau Chief   
Fire Protection     406-542-4223

Deputy Chief    
Operations         406-542-4220

Planning & Intel 
Fire Protection    406-865-0556

Westside Incident    
Business Specialist   406-751-2245

Eastside Incident       
Business Specialist    406-535-1902




2705 Spurgin Road, Missoula, MT 59804
Phone: (406) 542-4300
Fax: (406) 542-4217