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Forest Products | Biomass

Restoration Harvest, Potomac MT

This program provides technical assistance to support the forest products industry, forest product market developments, and forest biomass energy applications,. The program engages with the design-build sector to promote wood construction and Montana wood products. The Wood Products Program directly supports the Working Forests and Economies goals of the Forest Action Plan.

Montana is an active member in the Council of Western State Foresters Forest Utilization Network. The network leverages the collective strength of wood utilization specialists across the west to advance regional forest utilization. the network regularly releases reports on emerging products, technologies and markets.



Montana Forest Products Roundtable

Montana Forest Products Week (October 15 - 21, 2022)

Montana Forest Industry Research, UM Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Renewable Wood Energy




For more information on DNRC's Wood Products and Biomass Program contact Tom Perry, (406) 542-4210 or .

Montana Forest Action Plan