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Wood Energy Program

Wood Products

The DNRC Wood Energy Program provides technical assistance for the development of wood biomass energy in Montana. Services of this program biomass fuel supply information,  guidance on financing options, networking and information sharing. There is currently no funding for wood energy projects from the state of Montana.

Interested in commercial-scale wood energy applications?

The resources below are a great starting point to learn about heating with wood

Community Biomass Handbook Series

The Community Biomass Handbook Series walks users through the initial states of project scoping and pre-feasibility analysis. The series features information on appropriate technologies and investment pathways, personal testimonies, product comparisons and an initial financial assessment using the Wood Energy Financial Calculator. The guide includes 3 volumes: Volume 1 - Thermal Energy, Volume 2 - Alaska, Where Woody Biomass Can Work, and Volume 3 - Biomass Product Manufacturing Opportunities.

Biomass Ready!

Biomass Ready is a quick and simple process, developed by the Colorado Wood Energy Team, to help teams design new community buildings that can better adapt to an uncertain energy future. While the economics of biomass may not be favorable today, communities will own and operate new buildings for decades - perhaps even a century. Biomass Ready is intended to help avoid inadvertently creating barriers that will make adding biomass in the future prohibitively expensive. If a biomass system can be added to a building without extensive deconstruction or demolition, the building is Biomass Ready!

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Advanced Wood Biomass Heating Systems--A Brief Introduction


For more information on DNRC's Wood Products and Biomass Program contact Tom Perry, (406) 542-4210 or .

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