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Ordering Information

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Who We Sell To

The Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery provides seedlings to any conservation project.

Ordering Requirements:

  • First time customers the minimum order for small container is 144 seedlings for new plantings.
  • First time customers the minimum order for large container is 45 seedlings for new plantings.
  • First time customers the minimum order for bareroot is 150 seedlings.
  • First time customers only need to meet 1 of the above requirements.
  • Order small container sizes in lots of 24, large in lots of 9, and bareroot in lots of 50.
  • Established customers need only order a single lot.


Ordering begins Oct. 1st, Fall preceding your planting Spring. 

Only containerized seedlings can be received in the Fall. (We are no longer offering Fall 2022 pickup, its is to cold)

Seedlings are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Go to our Current Inventory link for species, availability, and prices. Prices are based on the quantity of each species ordered. 

A Fillable Order Form must be completed.  

Your local County Extension Agent, Conservation District personnel, or DNRC Forester are excellent resources for helping decide on species that grow well in your area.

Complete the fillable order form and mail it to the Nursery, along with the required deposit, to reserve seedlings for next planting season.  Fillable order form can be emailed to  An invoice will be generated and emailed back to customer for check payment once species/number requested is confirmed available.

Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery seedlings are strictly for conservation practices and cannot be used for ornamental or landscape plantings. If you want to buy landscape plants, see your local private nursery or garden center.


Bareroot Dogwood




Shipping Options


The preferred methods to receive your seedlings is to come to the nursery in Missoula and pick up your seedlings. If this does not work for you, the Nursery sends a refrigerated truck to a single location in most counties at a preset time in April and May. Orders need to be picked up the day the seedling arrive at these locations. This location is usually your local Conservation District or Extension Service office. To insure free delivery to your county by state truck, the order must be received by March 15. Delivery schedules are not set until March each year.

If the first two options don't work for you we may ship directly to you via FedEx for an additional 19% charge. Some items cannot be shipped via FedEx.   

Contract Sales


Ordering seedlings from the Nursery's general sale inventory is a convenient, easy way to procure seedlings. However, by setting up a contract with the Nursery in advance of production, the customer can get the exact source and quantity of seedlings desired at a lower cost. There are two requirements to set up a contract, they are;

1. Customers desiring a contract seedling order using S-10, R-10, D-27, S-22 containers must have an order greater than 500 seedlings.  Contracts not available for 175 cubic inch container species.
2. The contract must be made prior to the seed being sown in the greenhouse (usually by January of the calendar year). Seedlings could then be available for planting in the fall of that year or spring of the following year.


If you have any questions, please call the Nursery at (406) 542-4244 between 8:00 AM and 3:30 PM, or you can email us at



2705 Spurgin Road
Missoula, MT 59804