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Forest Health Grants


Grant Overview:

The USDA Forest Service awards the Montana DNRC funds for Western Bark Beetle Prevention, Suppression, and Restoration (PSR) projects.  These federal funds are then administered through the DNRC Forest Pest Management Program. 

The ultimate goal of projects is to alter forest conditions in a manner that reduces the overall risk of bark beetle outbreaks.  Overstocked or encroaching ponderosa pine and/or Douglas-fir stands are targeted landscapes.   Activities funded with these grants primarily include thinning and subsequent slash treatment.  Funds do not cover hazard-fuel reduction as a primary objective, pesticide spraying, tree planting, or pheromone application in the absence of silvicultural treatments.  Commercial returns on harvests are allowed but must be applied to, and may not exceed, the required matching funds of the grant recipient.  The Forest Pest Management program manager () and local DNRC service foresters provide technical support, as needed, throughout the term of the agreement.      

Project Eligibility:

Land owners and managers of public non-federal lands are eligible, including State Lands (Trust Lands; Fish, Wildlife and Parks; State Parks, State fishing access sites), county lands, city conservation lands, and forests held by private non-profit organizations.  Projects must contain at least five contiguous acres of naturally-forested land at risk to bark beetle outbreaks.  A current vegetation/forest management plan is not required but is highly favored while ranking applications.  All sub-grant recipients are required to meet the 25:75 project-specific hard or in-kind match. 


More Information:

Contact the Forest Pest Management program to learn more about the Western Bark Beetle Initiative Grant, or request to be notified of when project proposals are being accepted for submission  (contact- Amy Gannon).


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