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Forestry Pioneers

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As part of the Montana State Forestry Centennial Celebration, the State Forester initiated recognition of Forestry Pioneers. These awards recognize individuals who, through their personal and/or professional commitment, have furthered the cause of forestry, forest management, and/or natural resource management in Montana. Forestry Pioneers are individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of the forestry profession in Montana.

Honorees have a brick engraved with their name and placed around the flagpole of the entrance to the Montana DNRC Forestry Division Headquarters. The Forestry Pioneer Program recognizes new inductees each year.

* 2022 Forestry Pioneers:  Bob Lamley, Thomas Spaulding. *

Emil Anderson Russ Hudson
Stephen Arno Jim Hurst, Sr.
Bob Arnold Dick Isaacs
Don Artley Otha Isaacs
Blaine Bloomgren Jeff Jahnke Mark Romey
Arnold Bolle Charles Jungberg
Maurice Boorman Maxine Kramer
Dale Bosworth Rodney Krout
Gary Brown Bob Lamley
Barbara Buentemeier The Hans Larson Family
Ron Buentemeier Serena Lee
Rick Burger Brian Long
Earl Cooley Tim Love
Ernie Corrick W.C. Lubrecht
Bill Crismore Andy Lukes
Bob Crowe John McBride Bob Steele
Orville Daniels Bob Meuchel Craig Thomas
D.C. Dunham Gareth Moon Paul Uken
Kenneth W. Dupuis Bud Moore
John Van Hook
Don Drummond Randy Mosley Tom Vars
Ron Wakimoto
Steve Wallace
Virgil Weaver
Bob Gorsuch Bill O'Brien Chuck Wright
Gene Yahvah
Dick Griffith Charles O'Neil Family