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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Real-Estate Management

Yellowstone River near path

Real Estate Management is characterized by a diverse assortment of programs and activities for management of state trust land that don’t qualify under either of the Minerals Management, Forest Management, or Agriculture and Grazing programs.  Management includes temporary permitting and leasing, as well as permanent transfers and acquisitions, and issuance and/or sharing of access and easements.  The Real Estate Management Bureau also reviews short-term permits, leases, and easements on, over, and under state-owned navigable waterways.  More information on specific programs can be accessed through the links in the left column of this page.


The Real Estate Management Bureau (REMB) in Helena works with field office staff statewide to manage the variety of Real Estate programs. The REMB is organized into three Sections: 

Lands Section - Aquisition and Disposition of trust land through Land Banking and Cabin Site Sales, as well as Land Exchanges

Property Management Section- Short-term Licenses, Commercial Leasing, and Cabin Site Leasing

Rights of Way Section - Easements, Rights of Way and Access, and Recipricol and Cost Share Agreements.