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Cabin/Home Site Leases

 Forest around lake

- Lots Available for Lease -

 **Cabin/Home Site Lease bidding is not currently open. The closing dates you see on the bid page will be updated when bidding opens.  The leases, minimum bid amount, and bid rate on these pages will be subject to change. The Department does not currently have an expected start date for the next bidding cycle.


Cabin sites, also known as home sites, are small lots for lease that are scattered across the state of Montana.  Hundreds of these sites are located on lakes or rivers, or mountain forests, while others are found near farm and ranch land.  They are all five acres or less, and are exclusively for residential use.  

Why lease land from the State of Montana for a Cabin Site?

  • Location

Many cabin sites are located on popular lakes that have limited real estate opportunities, or are near prime hunting and fishing areas.   

  • Upfront Costs

The limited availability of real estate in some areas can create high land prices.  There is no need to finance the land, so leasing lowers the upfront cost.

  • Home Ownership

The lessee of any cabin site is only leasing the land.  The structures built upon the site, also known as “improvements”, are owned by the lessee.

  • Property Taxes

Home owners on cabin sites do not pay any taxes on the land that they lease.  They are only responsible for property taxes on any structures they own.

  • Transferability

Leases can easily be transferred.

  • Schools

Lease fees on Montana’s trust land go to support funding education and other institutions in Montana.