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Commercial Land Leases

Some lands that are managed by the DNRC have a “highest and best use” as a commercial development.  Often those lands are located within city limits in various locations across the state, and thus present excellent opportunities for development.  Land is available for lease now in areas zoned for industrial, retail, office and more.  There is also rural land available for potential development. 

Why lease land from the State of Montana for commercial development?

  • Location

Many commercial lots on trust land are located within the city limits of growing communities such as Bozeman, Missoula, Billings, Kalispell, Miles City, and Belgrade.  We also have rural locations that may be ideal for communication towers, or wind development.

  • Frees Up Capital

A ground lease significantly reduces the developer’s front-end costs because there is no need to finance the acquisition of the land.  The developer has more capital available for building and construction.

  • Tax Deductible

All rent payments made under a ground lease can be deducted as a business operating expense by the lessee.

  • Subletting and Transferability

The ground lease allows for subleasing the land, and is transferable if the developer wishes to sell their improvements.

  • Duration

Commercial leases are available for up to 99 years.  This can be done through a series of shorter terms with renewal options.

  • Schools

Lease fees on Montana’s trust land go to support funding education and other institutions in Montana.


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