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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Water Management

River Bank

The Water Management Bureau conducts hydrologic assessments of Montana’s surface water and groundwater resources, develops the State Water Plan, supports development of water resource planning studies, fosters stewardship of the state’s water resources through diverse education programs and supports the implementation of federal and tribal water compacts. The activities and work products of Bureau staff support the conservation, development, utilization and sustainability of the state’s water resources. In carrying out their duties, Bureau staff frequently partner with local watershed groups and conservation districts, other bureaus and Divisions within DNRC, other units of state government, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR).

Hydro Sciences Section

Performs technical analysis and investigations of Surface and Ground water resources, and supplies scientific expertise to water resources management and water rights administration. 

Water Planning Section

Provides coordination, resources and leadership for the completion of complex water planning documents and water related projects throughout Montana.


Water Management Bureau Staff

Main Phone: (406) 444-6601 Fax No: (406) 444-0533

Street Address:
1424 Ninth Ave
Helena, MT

Mailing Address:
PO Box 201601
Helena, MT 59620-1601


 Bureau Chief (406) 444-6635

Hydro-Sciences Study Section


Section Supervisor
Surface Water Hydrologist
(406) 444-7022
Surface Water Hydrologist (406) 444-4571
Groundwater Hydrologist (Kalispell) (406) 437-4025
Surface Water Hydrologist (Missoula) -----------------
Groundwater Hydrologist (406) 444-6648
Surface Water Hydrologist (406) 444-9755
Lunzer, John Surface Water Hydrologist (406) 444-0504
Groundwater Hydrologist (406) 444-6641
Hydro-Science Data Section

Section Supervisor
Surface Water Hydrologist

(406) 444-6658
Surface Water Hydrologist (406) 444-9755
VACANT Hydro-Tech 3 ----------------

Water Resources Planning Section

Regional Water Resource Planner
Lower Missouri Basin

(406) 444-9748
Regional Water Resource Planner
Clark Fork Basin
(406) 444-6627
Regional Water Resource Planner
Yellowstone Basin
(406) 444-4247
Water Education Coordinator (Bozeman) (406) 556-4505
VACANT Regional Water Resource Planner
Upper Missouri Basin


Water Management Bureau Resources

2015 State Water Plan
The 2015 State Water Plan is a synthesis of the vision and efforts of regional Basin Advisory Councils (BACs) established in Montana’s four main river basins: the Clark Fork/Kootenai, Upper Missouri, Lower Missouri, and the Yellowstone.
Regional River Basin Information
Reports and technical information on surface water and groundwater resources organized by regional river basin.
Programs, Projects and Studies
Water Management Bureau staff participates in a variety to technical activities and scientific investigations with the goal of supporting improved water management throughout the state.
Reports and Technical Information
The Hydro Sciences Section provides technical expertise to hydrologic studies and water management issues throughout Montana. Hydrologists collaborate with DNRC regional office colleagues and with other State and Federal agency partners.
Training and Education
The Water Management Bureau works with governmental and non-governmental organizations to develop  training and educational materials related to Montana's water resources.
Water Commissioner Information
DNRC has developed an educational program for water commissioners that provides annual training on commissioner responsibilities and water measurement techniques. This free training is available to anyone interested in the accurate measurement and distribution of water in Montana including state and federal water managers, water commissioners, ditch riders and dam tenders, District Court and Water Court personnel.
Transboundary Water Information
Information on Montana's water sharing agreements on the St. Mary, Milk, and Yellowstone rivers.
Water Compact Information
Information on Montana's Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission.
St. Mary Rehabilitation Project
Information on the St. Mary Facilities of the Milk River Project which provides supplemental water to Montana’s Milk River Basin.
Stream Gaging Program
The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) is committed to providing high quality ‘real-time’ hydrologic data and information to support all water users in the management and use of Montana’s water resources.


 New Publications

Drought Forecast Report - Summer 2021

Drought Report Cover

Montana Water Supply
and Drought Outlook
Spring 2021

Water Supply-Drought Report 2021.jpg


Missouri Headwaters
Basin Study



Water Distribution Guide



Video -
Inside a Real-Time Stream Gage

Inside a Real Time Stream Gage front photo used for video.  This video looks at all the Real-Time Stream Gage and each part of the equipment.  The video is 5 minutes long covering stream gages (stream gauges).