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Flathead Reservation Water Right Forms

The Flathead Reservation Water Management Board (Board) is in the process of staffing the Office of the Engineer, which will process all new water right applications on the Flathead Indian Reservation. The Board is accepting applications for the water right types listed below. You can download a pdf of each form type.

If you have questions contact the Board at or 406-201-2532.

Substitute Well Notice

Substitute Well Notice Form 634F


Domestic Allowance Authorization

Domestic Allowance Authorization to Construct Form 60DF-Part A 

Domestic Allowance Completion Form 60DF-Part B

Redundant Well Notice Form

Redundant Well Notice Form 635F




The CSKT Water Compact Has Been Enacted

CSKT Compact Storymap.JPG

CSKT-Montana Compact vs. CSKT Claims

CSKT-Montana Compact vs. CSKT Claims.JPG
CSKT Story Map

The Story of Montana's Reserved Water Right Compacts

Compact Story Map