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Woman Crush Wednesday


Whether analyzing groundwater, planning a timber harvest or managing invasive species, more women than ever before are pursuing a career in natural resource management. Check out our monthly podcast Woman Crush Wednesday to meet some of the women doing great things at the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.  

Episode 1 - Women in the WoodsBlisterRust.jpg

Montana forests consist of many different tree species over widely varied terrain. These diverse forests are inhabited by an equally diverse array of insects and diseases, many of which are a natural part of the forest ecosystem. Generally, these insects and diseases are ever-present and relatively unnoticeable, but occasionally they erupt into outbreak levels and cause obvious mortality and damage on the landscape.

This episode DNRC Forest Pathologist, Katie McKeever, guides  us through the health of Montana forests, subsequent impacts to Montana communities, and tips on how to  effectively respond and defend against disease outbreaks.


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Episode 2 - Women With Mussels

Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are the second-leading cause of biodiversity loss worldwide. In the Columbia River Basin – the last major river system without a mussel detection in the US -- zebra and quagga mussels have changed the dynamic of AIS management given the immense threat they pose to ecosystems, infrastructure and economies.

For our second Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) podcast, Host Chloe Munden visits with Kate Wilson, Administrator for the Upper Columbia Conservation Commission (UC3) to learn about her career in Invasive Species Management, and the latest on the state of Aquatic Invasive Species in Montana.


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Episode 3 - That's What Tree Said 

Did you know that over half of Montana’s population lives in a city or town, and how important it is to have trees where we live, work, and play? Ever look around and wonder about the trees that grow along your streets, parks, and backyard? Learn about Montana’s urban forestry program and about the career path that brought program manager Jamie Kirby into this unique field.

Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) podcast Host Chloe Munden visits with Jamie as they cover topics about trees, growing up in Montana, and the experience of women in the field of natural resources. 


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